Custom Stickers can be either cut or printed on many different materials depending on their usage. We can print the full range of colours including white.
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3M IJ180mC-10

When partnered with 8518 over laminate, this is perfect for vehicle  or boat wrapping.  The special air channels and stretch allow the material to be molded over curved surfaces.  It works effectively in marine grade or harsh environmental applications. 3M IJ180mC-120 is a special printable metallic wrap film for an attention grabbing finish. 3M IJ180mC-114 is a clear printable wrap film that maximizes design options by letting the original vehicle color show through.

3M IJ480

This specialised product is similar to 3M IJ180mC-10, however it has up to 50% stretch, and is used for large contouring without wrinkles or bubbles.

3M 7725

3M 7725 This 3M Scotchcal Vinyl series includes your flat color range that is contour cut with 7-10 year outdoor life. It also comes in cross hatch air egress 3M Controltac 180C; and Controltac 180 which has a horizontal air egress glue for wrapping.

3M IJ39-20

This material is High Tack and has a matt white finish.  This super stick material is perfect for adhering to low energy surfaces such as plastics (including polyethylene) and powder coated paints.  3M IJ39-20 can be written on, so is perfect for service decals. 


This product will protect flared guards of your vehicle in high wear areas.  People often use Bodyguard to minimise the impact on their car, boat, caravan against stone chips when traveling off road.  This product is also highly effective in other areas of high wear such as around a ute tray or on roof racks.

Egg Shell

For making tamper-proof labels, once you peal it of it breaks apart.

Metalised Imbossable Mylar

Mylar Tags, Mylar Stickers, custom mylar stickers. Specialised service stickers that can be written on.

Glow In The Dark

Useful for Bus Emergency Exit signs, etc.

Carpet Tex

The ultimate advertising solution for indoor floor promotions. It sticks directly to carpet and removes with ease. This is durable up to 3 months depending on traffic conditions.

Reflective Vinyl

Available in Class 1 for safety signs, Class 2 Engineer Grade and Class 3 promotional grade. Reflective vehicle wrapping film is also available 3M 780mC-10R.

3M IJ35C

This product is best suited to windows or flat surfaces.  It has air channels to allow bubbles to disperse.  When coupled with 3M 8508 laminate, you can expect a life of up to 5 years.

3M IJ35C

This product is best suited to windows or flat surfaces.  It has air channels to allow bubbles to disperse.  When coupled with 3M 8508 laminate, you can expect a life of up to 5 years.

3M IJ35

We use this economical product for bumper stickers or small packaging stickers.  It is non-air egress.

3M IJ40

3M IJ40 This is your standard sticker material.  With laminate you can expect up to 5 years life.  Unlaminated you can expect 2-3 year life in an external environment.

Clear Focus

This product is like car “P” plate material.  It adheres to windows and has perforations that allow you to see a print on one side, and see through the glass from the other side. This film works well on ute rear windows, or on shop fronts or office glass.


Unidot is perfect for temporary displays on vehicles or windows.  Temporary promotion or event stickers can be adhered to a shop or business window.

These are easily removed.

Earth Wrap & Alumigraphics

CSIRO tested non-slip floor graphic material that is printable in full color.  This product is suitable for factories or shops adhering to concrete, bitumen, bricks or tiles either indoors or outdoors.
You may wish to promote your products for events or exhibitions.
Alumigraphics will also mark your concrete or bitumen with safety stickers.

Removable Vinyl

Our materials will remove from a surface without leaving any glue residue.

Metalised Mylar

Used for stickers that need to last in high temperature environments up to 200° C, perfect for use on engines and other harsh environments.

Wall Tex

Wall graphic fabric is an adhesive material that offers a lightly textured finish and can be installed on virtually and flat surface. It can be repositioned and reused with out leaving a sticky residue or tearing, making it versatile and easily updated or relocated as styles change.


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