VuPlex – Boat Wrap Cleaner and Anti-Static Polish


Protect your boat wrap and keep it looking like new.  VuPlex is an easy and effective way maintenance product to keep your 3M boat wrap looking like new.  VuPlex will clean, protect and polish your boat wrap.

VuPlex effortlessly removes stains that other cleaners won’t touch by applying a micro-thin layer of protectant, sealing the porous surface.  The polish finish makes the plastic resistant to debris, oil, scratches and yellowing.  It also makes fine scratches less visible.  Water and other contaminants are repelled from the surface, giving added protection.  The anti-static properties help to repel dust and abrasive materials.

VuPlex boat wrap cleaner produces a shiny, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no stains or smudges.  It makes 3M printed boat wraps look more vibrant, and gleaming like new.  Best of all you can also use VuPlex on your boat acrylic or polycarbonate windscreen, clears and bimini windows.

VuPlex is a very effective product to clean, polish and remove static on clear and coloured plastics. It’s ability to clean the surface safely, while polishing in an action that takes only seconds is unique.  VuPlex seals the porous surface, extending the life span with a micro layer of protection. 

Always read instructions and test in a small inconspicuous area.  Shake aerosol can well, spray on lightly, wipe off and buff with a soft clean microfibre cloth. Do not use paper towel.

Extremely flammable aerosol.  Pressurised container may burst if heated.  May cause an allergic skin reaction.  May cause drowsiness or dizziness.  Toxic to aquatic life,  Keep out of reach of children and use only in outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.  Wear protective gloves.  Read can directions for further information.

VuPlex is available in 235ml and 445ml.

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