U-DEK™ Dual Layer 6mm Routered 55mm boards 1 Sheet Pack


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A 1 PACK OF ROUTERED U-DEK™ 6mm dual layer EVA with 55mm boards

U-DEK™ 6mm is a quality EVA boat flooring that is used by professional fishermen and boat operators and will last in the marine environment.

U-DEK™ anti-slip marine deck tread is a dual layer 6mm flat pattern with a buff finish is, and like all Ultralon decking solutions, durable and easy to maintain. 6mm dual later U-DEK™ is soft and cushioning underfoot, yet has a high anti slip surface.  It’s best suited for boats where you fish with bare feet or need extra cushioning.

6mm U-DEK™ won’t get hot like traditional marine carpet, heating to only 6 degrees above the daily ambient temperature.  It cleans easily with Pink Vanish Liquid from the supermarket.

6mm U-DEK™ comes in 2050mm x 1025mm sheets with a marine grade 3M adhesive on the back.

To remotely template your floor is easy.  We request you get some clear builders plastic from your local hardware and a sharpie pen.  Put the clear plastic over the areas you want to take a template of, then draw around with your sharpie pen.  You will then have a template you can put on the flooring and cut with a sharp knife.  Alternatively this product can be routered to create colored lines of artwork designs.  Pls call so seek advice on router tooling.  We recommend installing with 3M Primer 94 that is also available on our on-line shop.

Colours available: Teak on Black, Winter Grey on Black, Steel Grey on Black, and Black on Winter Grey.
Size available: 2050mm x 1025mm x 5mm.

Alternatively, if you are after a custom 6mm routered U-DEK floor, please contact us for a quote.

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