Hand Cleaner


These hand cleaning multi-purpose wipes are waterless, industrial strength hand cleaners that remove grease, oil, tar, ink, wax, paint and grass stains. They are gentile on the skin.  These are designed for use in industrial manufacturing settings; each towel is pre-moistened with a powerful formula capable of breaking down all greases and grime and locking it into the towel.
Use these wipes to clean your hands from any grease, oil, tar, sealant, grass stains, paint, wax, ink, lubricant and adhesives.
Also great to heavily clean dirty surfaces like garbage bins, refrigerators, machinery and tools, tables, desks, toilets, tubs and showers.


  • Natural oils and emollients, leave skin smooth
  • Lifts away tar, ink, paint, grease, adhesives, wax, lubricants etc
  • Abrasive yet non scratching towel aids in cleaning and traps dirt and oils preventing re-soiling

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