Exit level 8 Braille Sign


Sign Type: Exit level 8 Braille Sign
Size: 180*50mm

Form A Sign’s Exit level 8 tactile braille signs have been molded from a single piece of polycarbonate. The Exit braille and tactile elements are all raised so that they comply with Australian building codes.  The Exit print can’t be scratched off as it’s on the inside of the sign face. Being a fully molded braille sign none of the braille or raised elements can come off due to vandalism. The Exit braille signs have a multi layered construction with the polycarbonate face mounted onto a semi-rigid polyethylene plastic backing plate. These braille signs are fade resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

With a heavy duty 3M adhesive on the back, each braille sign is ready for easy installation directly onto flat surfaces such as gyprock, painted timber, glass etc. We recommend if braille signs are being mounted onto brickwork or heavy textured surfaces, that the Exit braille sign is mounted to an aluminum backing plate. The product range has been designed specifically for hospitals and medical environments, although can be used in most building applications. The one piece Female Exit braille sign reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. The polycarbonate face is able to cope with aggressive cleaning regimes.

Braille sign installation instructions.

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