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Form A Sign are Melbourne’s signage professionals and can help make your Melbourne Restaurant or Café COVID safe for customer with outdoor dining signage. Outdoor dining is defined as the use of the public footpath for the purpose of extending the seating space of businesses whose main function is the provision of food and/or beverages. Our range of outdoor signage includes:


  • Hanging LED signs
  • No-Smoking in outdoor dining area signs
  • Yes We Are Open A-Frames including whiteboards, chalkboards or snapper frames for dining or happy hour specials
  • Specials Boards
  • Alfresco area bollards and signage
  • Fencing banners and banner breeze
  • Floor graphics for social distancing.
  • Fence screens and barricade graphics for fencing dining areas.
Pedestrian Zone infographic

Considerations when designing your outdoor dining area

When designing your outdoor dining area, restaurant and café owners should be aware that applications for the construction or installation of large fixed infrastructure such as gazebos, pavilions/pergola’s or decking are often subject to a separate permit or licence process from your local council. Form A Sign has 2 master builders in signage as part of the team so can help advise you on the process.

Outdoor dining areas must be designed with safety in mind, and floor graphics or signage will be an important consideration.  Form A Sign can advise you on outdoor dining safety signage.

Pedestrian Zone

Pedestrian Zone “Pedestrian Zone” refers to the area required for pedestrian movement. In the diagram this is the distance between a building frontage or property boundary and the inner extremity of an outdoor dining zone, including all associated items (e.g. umbrellas, planter box or fixed structure). Generally the pedestrian zone must be kept clear of both business items, such as “A‐Frame” signage and customer items such as bicycles and prams. The ideal pedestrian zone is 2.0 metres.

Kerb Zone “Kerb Zone” refers to the distance between the outer kerb face (face of kerb) and the out extremity of an outdoor dining zone, including all associated items. A distance of 600mm is required from the outer kerb edge to the start of the outdoor dining zone adjacent to travel lanes on streets but only when protected by bollards. A distance of 900mm is required from the outer kerb edge to the start of the outdoor dining zone adjacent Parking Zones on all streets to allow for pedestrian egress and access from vehicles. Bollards may still be a requirement depending on traffic and pedestrian volumes.


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