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Floor Laminates

Indoor and Outdoor Matte Floor overlaminate 3M 3500 series gives you a wet slip ratio of P3 and a dry slip ratio of D1.  This product is used for safety or promotional sticker laminates on vinyl, tile  or concrete floors.
Need even stronger adhesion on the floor?  3M 3647 gives you a wet floor laminate slip ratio of P4, and D1 in the dry. This product is used when higher anti-slip laminates are required.

Specialised Metallic Laminates

Specialised Metallic Speckle 3M 8900 Body Conformable overlaminate series will make your boat or vehicle wrap “Pop.”  These specialty laminates include finishes such as brushed, carbon fiber, sunburst gold, mystic silver, starry silver and frosty silver or speckle Laminate looks great on a boat wrap.

Gloss Laminates

Gloss overlaminate 3M 8508 protects digitally printed stickers from moisture, abrasion, and UV. It is designed for use on flat surfaces and simple curves.
Gloss Body Conformable laminate 3M 8518 offers high gloss in a highly conformable overlaminate. It’s ideal for vehicle wraps to achieve the wet paint look.
If durability under harsh working conditions is a requirement for your stickers then over laminating may be your solution. Form A Sign use 3M products, the best currently available in the market.

Matte Laminates

Matte overlaminate protects digitally printed stickers from moisture, abrasion, and UV. It is designed for use on flat surfaces and simple curves.
Matte laminate is conformable and offers a diffused and soft look and feel. It gives the material a look that really stands apart from all other wraps finishes and resembles velvet.

Anti-Graffiti Laminates

DuPont Tedlar Anti-Graffiti Coating is a polyvinyl fluoride film that provides long lasting signs exposed to harsh environments.  This product is often used on Council parks and garden signs that may be exposed to graffiti.  It’s inert, non-stick properties make it an excellent release film, to allow easy cleaning of graffiti.
Laminate can be use for stickers and decals to provide abrasion resistance and increase life. We are able to cut laminated stickers into any shape you can imaging allowing you to follow the contours of your products, vehicles logo’s and designs.
If you require a specialty custom sticker that’s not mentioned above, please give us a call to discuss. Specialty industry products are being released all the time and we pride ourselves in keeping to the forefront of global technology and materials available.


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    3M select partner Platinum
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