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Form A Sign frequently works with communities and assists with many events, clubs and organisations that involve children and to support and assist youth development. A few examples are Top Gear Scout – youth driving program, KBFC Rowville Lakes kids fishing competition and local junior football clubs.

Top Gear Scouts

Top Gear Scouts

Form A Sign is excited to be involved in Top Gear Scout again this year. At Top Gear Scout youth participants are involved in a CAMS run Junior Development Driving Program (JDP).
Rowville Lakes Community Fishing Day

Rowville Lakes Community Fishing Day

For the Last 3 years Form A Sign have partnered with Knox Boat Fishing Club to run the annual Rowville Lakes Children’s fishing competition.  Check out the event Facebook page for more information, and to register for next year’s event. This year 700 fish were released into the Lakes for the children to catch.  Experts were available on the day to teach the children how to fish.

Top Gear Scout

Top Gear Scout

Form A Sign is excited to be involved in Top Gear Scout. At Top Gear Scout youth participants are involved in a CAMS run Junior Development Driving Program (JDP).

Advanced Robotics

In April 2010, Advanced Robotics were featured in a cover story that included multiple photos of Form A Sign work created using an ART 4400SX CNC Router.

Monash Motorsport – M15

The new FSAE regulations for 2015 have challenged the Monash Motorsport Aerodynamics team to create new and innovative designs for M15. With the introduction of a more limited packaging space, must notably containing the rear wing within 1.2m from the ground and between the rear tires, the team set some ambitious targets and produced more creative designs to meet these goals.

In order to implement these ideas, the team had to investigate new methods of manufacturing the aerodynamics package for this year. The complex shapes designed, such as the 3D front wing flaps allowed utilisation of the CNC machine to cut flaps from foam, generously provided to us by Australian Urethane & Styrene, which were then laid up on. The result proved to be desirable and is an exciting new discovery for the team, allowing for more interesting shapes and a lightweight product.

The aerodynamics team have also moved to implement more hollow wings elements than ever before. Thanks to our sponsors Laser3D and Form A Sign who cut MDF moulds for the 2015 aerodynamics package, we were able to manufacture both female and male moulds. The transition into manufacturing hollow elements provided new challenges but also allowed a more ideal surface finish.

With various new manufacturing methods developed this year, the team is excited to take the new designs to the Formula SAE-A competition in December and further expand and improve on these new manufacturing methods for the future.

Shannon Chen, Aerodynamics Engineer

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