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need custom braille?

We manufacture customised printed braille signs,  Our custom braille print is a 1mm thick clear resin in all colors.  For example, you may require braille subtitles on a large map, directional sign or information sign, matching in with your existing graphics.
We can also print custom braille stickers on our UV Flatbed printer. Whatever your braille needs, Form A Sign can do it!

Don’t know the braille characters required?

Our Graphic Designers will be able to produce the Braille letters to match most words.
All custom braille signs or braille stickers have a color digital proof provided prior to production.  If you would like to discus your custom braille sticker or braille sign requirements, please contact us.

braille tactile signs

Form A Sign’s Braille Tactile signs is specifically developed for a commercial environment such as hospitals, universities, schools and government buildings. There are over 45 braille signs in the range and they come in two standard colors.  Blue and white; or silver and black.  Our braille signs come in 3 sizes  180*180mm; 200*180mm or 260*180mm.  The size used for the braille sign depends on the amount of information required. 
We recommend if braille signs are being mounted onto brickwork or heavy textured surfaces, that the braille sign is mounted to an aluminum backing plate.

All braille signs comply with the Australian building code

These braille toilet signs have been moulded from a single piece of polycarbonate. The braille and tactile elements are all raised so that they comply with Australian building codes.  The print can’t be scratched off as it’s on the inside of the sign face. Being a fully moulded braille sign none of the braille or raised elements can come off due to vandalism. This is a major advantage over the traditional braille signs, which have individual braille and tactile elements glued to the face of the sign. The signs have a multi layered construction with the polycarbonate face mounted onto a semi-rigid polyethylene plastic backing plate. These braille signs are fade resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

With a heavy duty 3M adhesive on the back, each braille sign is ready for easy installation directly onto flat surfaces such as gyprock, painted timber, glass etc. We recommend if braille signs are being mounted onto brickwork or heavy textured surfaces, that we supply the braille sign with an aluminium backing plate. Signs that are supplied with an aluminium backing are not supplied with double sided tape unless specifically requested.

Braille Signs Suitable For Medical Environments

The product range has been designed specifically for hospitals and medical environments, although can be used in most building applications. The one piece braille sign reduces the risk of bacteria contamination. The polycarbonate face is able to cope with aggressive cleaning regimes.

braille & tactile Exit signs

Exit Braille signs match the look and finish of our Braille Tactile signs.

With current amendments to the Australian building code, every exit in the following scenarios are  required to have a Braille and Tactile exit sign installed;

  • Exit doors opening to a stairway
  • Exit doors opening to the street or open area
  • Exit doors for all horizontal exits in a story.

The signs must state: “Exit” and “Level” followed by the floor/level number. The sign is to be installed on the wall on the latch side between 50mm from the architrave. It must also be located between 1250 and 1600mm from FFL.

Braille sign installation guidelines

Braille toilet signs must be installed according to Australian Building regulations.

Exit signs must be installed according to Australian Building regulations.

Braille & Tactile components of a sign must be located no less than 1200mm and not higher than 1600mm above the floor or ground surface. Signs with single lines of characters must have the line of tactile characters no less than 1200mm and not higher than 1350mm above the floor or ground surface. Signs identifying rooms containing features or facilities listed in D3.6, of the building code, must be located on a wall on the latch side of the door with the leading edge of the signs located between 50mm and 300mm from the architrave; and where this is not possible, the sign may be placed on the door itself. The background, negative space, fill of a sign must have a luminance contrast with the surface on which it is mounted of no less than 30%. Tactile characters, icons and symbols must have a minimum luminance contrast of 30% to the surface on which the characters are mounted.


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