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custom boat flooring

Form A Sign has a unique partnership with Ultralon Foam Group to offer you a superior quality, cost effective custom boat foam deck solution. Our boat Deck Treads improve underfoot comfort and safety whilst increasing the protection of your boat.  Best of all our boat floors are easy to clean.

u-dek treads

Just like our 3M™ boat wrapping materials, the Ultralon U-DEK boat floor product is made to last in the harsh marine environment.  It is constructed from durable,
closed-cell PE and EVA foam.
U-DEK boat floor decking comes with a 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure sensitive and durable adhesive.

Form A Sign’s custom marine boat deck treads reduce noise in your hull, are shock absorbing, anti-slip and UV stable for 5-7 years.  U-DEK boat flooring also doesn’t absorb water and is easy to clean with water.  You can wash any bait or fish residue straight off your boat floor.

winter grey on black eva flooring

teak on black eva flooring

teak on cream eva flooring

steel grey on winter grey eva flooring

octi & z tread diy boat floor kits


Ultralon’s U-TREAD Octi and Z Tread decking is similar to the
U-DOT, but has unique patterns.  This foam is an anti-slip, hard wearing deck tread. Available in 3mm & 5mm tread and multiple colours.

DIY boat floor kits are available in our Z tread & Octi Eva foam range. DIY boat flooring kits are usually 2m x 1m in size. Your DIY boat flooring kit comes with 3M™ adhesive & instructions for boat floor surface preparation and boat Eva flooring installation. To work out the quantity of boat flooring sheets please use our boat flooring template below. Boat flooring rollers and 3M™ Primer 94 can also be purchased to increase the adhesion of your Eva boat flooring DIY kit. 

DIY boat floor kits can be couriered Australia wide.
Phone us on 03 9561 7300 to disuss your boat floor needs.   

Light grey octi tread boat flooring

octi winter grey

Winter grey octi tread boat flooring

light grey z tread boat flooring

steel grey z tread boat flooring

your boat floor

Utilising our CNC Router and Summa Cutter we are able to create custom logos and shapes in your boat deck tread.  CNC routering cuts through the top layer of foam exposing the second colour underneath. Creating impressive durable boat floors.  

u-dot boat flooring

If you want a simple non-slip surface, that performs, U-DOT boat deck tread from Ultralon is a great solution.  This deck tread that is a durable, hard wearing and easy to maintain whilst offering a modern aesthetic. Kits and custom shapes are available in 3mm & 5mm. 

Steel grey boat flooring

Dark grey boat flooring

light grey boat flooring


Our Boat floor DIY packs are available in all 3 Udek colors, individually packaged, and we can freight Aust Wide. Our 6mm thick brushed EVA, Udek boat floor DIY packs are available in Teak and Black, Dark Grey and Black, Light Grey and Black. It has a strong 3M adhesive backing for easy application to your boat floor. 

Product Qty Length Height
Large Fish Measure 1 1000mm 100mm
Small Fish Measure 2 480mm 100mm
Large Gunnel Pad 2 1000mm 100mm
Small Gunnel Pad 4 480mm 100mm
Medium Deck Pad 2 380mm 180mm
Small Deck Pad 4 300mm 100mm

Template your own boat floor using our guide

surf grip

Surf Grip features all the same benefits as U-Tread with a narrower profile and groove tread pattern making it ideal for jet skis, boats and surfboards. It is great for your boat flooring when you want a bit of bounce absorption to help protect your back or knees.  You can purchase Surf Grip by the sheet and hand cut your flooring; or we can electronically template your boat and have the shapes routered.

Sheet size

1220mm x 480mm x 5mm (48” x 19” x 0.2”) or 2050*480mm*5mm


Light Grey, Winter Grey, Steel Grey, Camo or Black

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