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3D signs can be static or illuminated to help create a modern professional look to your building, reception area or store

vast possibilites

Form A Sign design 3D concepts using state of art modelling software so you can visualise your promotional idea before constructing a prototype.

The following signs can be developed with our sign technology.


Timber or Ply Stencils


Acrylic Inserts


Light Boxes -Lit Internally or Externally


Cut Acrylic Letters or Backgrounds


Wall Offsets


Composite Panel Shaped






Stainless Steel








Glass - Can be Waterjet Cut

cnc router

Our CNC Router can manufacture cut lettering, 3D molds, stencils for painting and many other engineered projects.
Illuminated signs and lightboxes can be lit with fluorescent tubes or the latest LED technology, including wifi controlled LEDs that you can control with your smart phone or Android device.
With in-house designers, a flatbed CNC router, spray booth, welding and folding set ups, we have the full capabilities to handle your 3D signage laser cutting and routing. Our CNC will cut 3D sign depths of 150mm, or engrave on material up to 200mm deep.
Form A Sign provides a complete service, from concept design, to manufacture and installation.

Bronze Plaques

Custom bronze plaques are the perfect sign for a commemorative, architectural or memorial plaque that will outlast most other sign materials.  Bronze is a combination of copper, zinc and tin.  The tin helps stop corrosion, and restricts oxidisation of the copper to the surface of the sign only.  The patina look of the oxidisation  forms a natural protective layer ensuring the bronze sign will last forever.   Because our bronze plaques will last many life times or hundreds of years they are often chosen as information or explanation plaques on buildings or in gardens.  These bronze plaques are also perfect for a memorial or family plot.

Bronze plaques can be made to custom size and shapes.  Bronze plaques can have flat art or raised art, logos, emblems and designs. Form A Sign’s designers can help you design the perfect bronze plaque.

long life memorial bronze plaque

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