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We are Experts in Manufacturing and Installing Pylon Signs of all Sizes and Shapes.

A pylon sign can be illuminated internally or externally.  Our pylon signs are fully engineered, and can be either single sided or double sided.
A typical Pylon sign is constructed with an Australian Made RHS steel inner frame, and clad with aluminum composite panel.  Either cut or printed vinyl, with anti-graffiti laminates are used.  3D acrylic lettering or logos are also available for pylon Signs.
Our pylon’s are installed with either strip or pile concrete, and frangible bases that are roads corporation (Vicroads) compliant.


Form A Sign provide the complete pylon sign service, from design, to obtaining permits, Dial Before You Digs, Engineering, Soil Sampling, Manufacturing and installation.
For More information about Pylon Sign Permits, and Sign Engineering please click Permits.

We now have two qualified master builders in signage as part of our team. Ensuring you get a quality sign that complies with Australian standard & building regulations. 

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